Reckless Abandon

DSCN4289Dogs deserve to run with reckless abandon, these were my thoughts early this morning as I watched two doodles run free in the yard as I sipped my coffee. As I watched them run I wished that all dog owners could have a physical fence for their dogs as it is a vital part of a dogs life to run free. So many people have the electric fences and I believe with my heart and soul that they actually create a silent panic in dogs. Our dogs deserve to feel safe and secure and free in their own yard without the added stress of knowing if I run fast I can only go so far or I am going to get punished. By adding shock to the dogs life you have taken away the purpose of the fence which is to bring them joy and safety.

Think about how you like to relax, then, picture yourself wearing a shock collar, every 4th sip of your martini you get shocked or every time your boat hits a certain speed you get zapped by the collar or every 10 pages of that novel your reading signals the collar to send a shock. There is no possible way for you to totally relax and your favorite way to relax is forever ruined.   When you cannot fully relax no matter if you are a human or animal ANXIETY, STRESS and sadness creep in and when they come so do unwanted behaviors, negative behaviors.

Just because electric fences are sold in stores does not mean they are safe and we should purchase them. Why do you want to line the pockets of the Big Wigs who are responsible for getting these devices on the market? Let’s just say it like it is, the industry is all about making money. If you really think about it they are capitalizing on animal abuse, its gross. They will never admit to what the product is really capable of doing to your dog.

I know some of you will not agree with what I am saying but I promise, you will never see a dog truly happy, free and safe as long as it has a shock collar around its neck. I want all humans to experience the joy of seeing a dog smile, really smile.

Do whatever it takes to put up a physical fence it will be the best money you ever spend and it will give your dogs true freedom to play with reckless abandon.

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Positively Expert: Amy Sandmann

Amy Sandmann is a VSPDT trainer in Monticello, Minnesota. As a lover of dogs and the outdoors, her mission is to get people re-connected with their pets through positive reinforcement training and exercise. She believes that every owner should focus on unconditional love of their dogs and create a solid human/animal bond.


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