Puppy High School

Ginger (2)Thankfully, many people know and understand that puppies need lots of training, socialization, and focus on creating good impulse control when they are younger. But many stop at a few puppy classes, and don’t continue through adolescence. This could have dire consequences later on, when the puppy becomes a teenager and starts developing bad habits as they mature and all the training you started with falls apart. Anxiety, fearfulness, aggression, biting, digging, chewing, etc can all increase from 5 to 18 months.

Wag & Train is now offering a class designed specifically for those adolescent dogs who need confidence building, playtime, and more training. It’s called Puppy High School. Most puppies do wonderfully in puppy kindergarten: learning, lure-reward training, playing, coming when called, laying down, etc. The developmental stage hits when they become fearful, less confident, more anxious, test limits and boundaries, and stop listening. Many people think their puppies are ‘stubborn; when in fact it’s a lack of motivation to listen, or a fear has developed and anxiety has set in.

Because it is so important to continue training and socialization past young puppyhood, we offer our Puppy High School where there is playtime, and our Good Behavior & Manners classes where we focus on impulse control and rewarding behaviors that we want. Every puppy parent should take great strides to prevent behavior problems from occurring, instead of waiting until there is a problem and trying to fix it. A well-rounded, social, stable, and confident puppy will grow into a confident adult dog and the chances of that dog staying in your family and having a wonderful quality of life increase tremendously.Walter_ Magazine

Our new Puppy High School class starts Thursday, September 11th at 7pm at Hobnob in the Denver Tech Center. To inquire or register, please email [email protected] wagandtrain.com, or call 303-482-1192. Get more information at www.wagandtrain.com.


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Positively Expert: Kari Bastyr

Kari Bastyr, MS, VSPDT, CDBC, is a certified VSPDT trainer with Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training, certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and a member of the Animal Behavior Society. Kari is the founder of Wag and Train Animal Behavior Specialists in Denver, CO.


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