New Industry-Changing Online Professional Dog Trainer Course Launched

Following years of development, renowned dog behavior expert Victoria Stilwell and her Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior (VSA) educational arm announce the launch of the Online Dog Trainer Course – a game-changing new online-only course designed to teach those aspiring to become professional dog trainers.

Featuring the same premier-level comprehensive dog trainer curriculum as its original flagship in-person Dog Trainer Course, VSA’s new flexible-length Online Dog Trainer Course now provides opportunities for students all over the world to learn how to become professional dog trainers without leaving home while studying at their own pace via VSA’s new state-of-the-art digital learning experience. Additionally, each Online Dog Trainer Course student is provided a personal, dedicated Faculty Advisor to help guide them through the course and provide real-time assessments of skills and knowledge via weekly videoconference meetings.

“The ability to provide this high level of educational experience to people everywhere in the world who want to work with dogs for a living has been a goal of ours at VSA since we launched the Academy over two years ago,” stated Stilwell from her base of operations in Atlanta. “The Online Dog Trainer Course fills a need in the field of dog trainer education that allows anyone to follow their passion of being a successful professional dog trainer with the knowledge, skills and tools required not only to train dogs, but to communicate effectively with clients while running a successful business.”

Enroll in VSA’s free sample demo course here.

VSA’s commitment to its core pillars of training dogs, teaching people, and marketing expertise are unique among dog training schools, and are underscored by Stilwell’s long track record of making effective, science-based, force-free positive training methods accessible both to VSA students and the general dog-owning public. In addition to providing its powerful science-based dog training curriculum, VSA features a world-class faculty roster which includes a human clinical psychologist and pet industry branding and marketing specialists to make the business management element of dog training more user-friendly and doable.

“All too often I see dog trainers who are appropriately well-schooled in the science of how dogs learn – the nuts and bolts of dog training – but who lack the ability to translate those skills to their human and canine clients effectively,” said Stilwell. “At VSA we’ve developed a unique learning experience that teaches not only solid foundational dog training skills and knowledge, but also the problem-solving and ‘outside the box’ thinking required to be a truly transformative dog trainer.”

The Academy’s original hybrid-model Dog Trainer Course (which includes in-person, online and mentor-based learning) will remain the flagship course offering, but both this original version and the new Online Dog Trainer Course benefit from a recently-enhanced curriculum which pushes students beyond basic learning and into more advanced training and behavior modification such as understanding and managing aggressive behavior, reactivity, anxieties and fear-based behavior problems.

In addition to the new Online Dog Trainer Course, VSA has also launched a more streamlined companion course designed not just for aspiring dog trainers, but also for dog owners who are interested in how dogs think, feel and learn – the Fundamentals of Dog Training & Behavior Course. This shorter 10-hour online course provides a deeper understanding of the dog’s emotional, learning and physiological experiences and creates a solid foundation resulting in stronger bonds, more effective learning and problem-solving skills to apply when using more advanced training concepts.

Prospective students are encouraged to enroll in VSA’s free demo Starter Course: Building Your Dog’s Confidence in order to test-drive the new online learning experience while learning directly from Victoria.

All of VSA’s new online course offerings are now open for rolling enrollment with discounted launch-period tuition prices.

View VSA’s course offerings here.

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