Jingle Dogs — Top 10 Gifts

Top 10 “Thank You” Gifts for your Jingle Dog.

Our precious pups bring such joy to our lives and deliver unconditional love all year long. Consider saying “Thank You” with gifts that keep on giving throughout the year. Some of these may make you smile-- all of them will make your dog smile.

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Kronenberg and Cooper

Happy Holidays to You and Your Fur-babies!
Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Kronenberg and Cooper


  1. Adopt or Donate. There is no greater gift. Consider adoption to fill that special place in your forever home, or donate some resources to your local shelter or rescue group.
  2. Socialize, Socialize, Socialize! Socialization is the most critical learning activity of all. Begin at 8 weeks of age, if possible, or as soon as your new rescue pupster settles into her new home. Participate in socialization activities regularly and frequently. Hang out at Starbucks or run errands together.

    Photo Courtesy of Lynne Fedorick, Earl and Skye

    Socialize, Socialize, Socialize...
    Photo Courtesy of Lynne Fedorick, Earl and Skye


  3. Gentle Leashes. A front-clip harness or a step-in for toy breeds is best. Avoid shock, prong and choke collars. These devices are singled out as equipment to avoid by veterinary behavior experts in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 2006 (“Good trainers: How to identify one.” Vol. 1). They can cause a variety of documented medical injuries (“Gentle Leashes”, 2012. Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM) and may cause aggression. They are illegal in a growing number of countries.
  4. Veterinary Care. Choose a vet both you and your dog like and trust, one that takes the time to bond with your dog, and practices gentle handling and restraint. Consider integrative care. Ask questions. Spay/neuter. Get that orthopedic bed your dog has been dreaming about!
  5. Training. The scientifically-endorsed, non-aversive method works for wild animals at the zoo and wolfdogs, It can work for your dog too! It’s effective, long-lasting, safe, and often very fast, as well as truly dog-friendly. Get a private behavioral consultation to target those behavior problems that have cropped up, or enroll in a class.

    Photo Courtesy of Nicole Marlin

    Positive Reinforcement Training
    Linda and Shiloh, Ambassador for the WolfEducationProject.org
    Photo Courtesy of Nicole Marlin


  6. Diet. A super-premium grade food with a specifically named meat as the first ingredient is best. Canine nutritional expert, Dr. Doug Knueven, DVM tells us. “There is no greater obstacle to canine health than poor diet”.  “Venison Holiday Stew” (made by Merrick®) would be well-received.
  7. Exercise. Check out the many great trails, beaches, parks and neighborhoods you can explore together. Consider enrolling in a dog-sport class.


    Photo Courtesy of Evelynn Linden and Scoobs


  8. Grooming. Choose a groomer who takes the time to make your dog feel safe and practices gentle handling and restraint. Would your dog appreciate a spa massage treatment or a blueberry facial?

    Gentle Grooming Photo Courtesy of Lyn Dubois and Tammy

    Gentle Grooming
    Photo Courtesy of Lyn Dubois and Tammy


  9. Environmental Enhancement. Rotate food-toys, interactive puzzles, and safe chew-items to keep your dog busy and happy. Add a window with a view and dog-friendly landscaping. Don’t forget to provide a quiet place where you dog can rest away from all the excitement of the holiday season.
  10. Your love. Infuse all the above with your love—the best gift of all.

    Photo Courtesy of Linda Michaels

    Love, love, love. The most important gift of all.
    Photo Courtesy of Linda Michaels


Dogs are our closest, most beloved animal companions, so it behooves us to consider every aspect of their care and well-being carefully during the season of joy and throughout the new year!

Linda Michaels, MA, and Victoria Stilwell-licensed Del Mar dog trainer and speaker may be reached at 858.259.9663 or by email:[email protected] for private behavioral consultations near the San Diego Coast. Visit us at DogPsychologistOnCall.com

Originally published in the U~T San Diego, Scratch n’ Sniff. Chris Ross, Editor.


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Positively Expert: Linda Michaels, MA

Linda Michaels is a VSPDT trainer, dog training columnist, and owner of Dog Psychologist On Call in Del Mar, CA. Linda holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology with research experience in Behavioral Neurobiology. She is a Behavioral Advisor for the Wolf Education Project (WEP) in Julian, CA and Art for Barks in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.


4 thoughts on “Jingle Dogs — Top 10 Gifts

  1. Lynne Fedorick

    Thanks for the great suggestions, Linda! Earl was adopted from Newbark Canine Rescue and Rehoming Society, and we really hope that all the other homeless puppies and dogs find loving families to share the warm of the holiday season with. Earl moved in as a foster dog, but he knows how to work it. Find the perfect dog on http://www.petfinder.com. 🙂

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