How To Train Your Dog to LOVE Staying Close on Walks with this One Simple 3-Minute Game

Do you ever feel like you have one of those Catch 22 situations, where you want to allow your dog to have more freedom but as soon as your dog gets any kind of freedom you worry that soon enough he or she will likely disappear to…

  • Run in the woods
  • Scent in the grass
  • Chase another dog
  • Run free across a beach
  • Say hello to every passer by…the list goes on…

Often the experience as you step outside of the front door is as if you don’t even exist.  Everything else is just far too interesting - sights, scent, sounds, people, dogs, cyclists….but you want them to love being near YOU too.

We want to get the balance right, we want our dogs to be dogs and enjoy some freedom but at the same time we want to establish that being near us is much better fun.

Off leash, where does your dog find most reinforcement?

If you are the grey circle…..where does your dog hang out most of the time?













We're looking to build a great relationship, we don't want to be constantly competing with the environment……it shouldn’t be a battle. 
Is it near to you, or further away from you?

So, whats the difference between the dog that loves to be with you and the dog that finds the general environment more reinforcing?

ANSWER : Your awesomeness is not shining through…YET!

So, from you’re dog’s perspective…what would make YOU awesome?

We need to establish that choosing you….

  • Is way more FUN
  • Creates a burst of JOY
  • Makes them feel HAPPY

If your dog finds the environment way more fun then the best course of action is to readdress that balance.

We want to teach your dog that the whole world is great, and a place to be confident and optimistic in BUT that you are even better! How do we introduce this concept to our dogs?

Through one simple game….PROXIMITY VORTEX

 But before we show you how to play the game you need to take three simple steps….

Step 1 - Choose high value reinforcement for your dog….what do THEY love?

  • Select something they really love rather than something that you want them to love
  • Select a super high-value treat and a lower value treat
  • Or a high value toy
  • Don't forget physical and verbal praise from you could be your dogs high-value reinforcement too

Each dog is an individual, and remember, keep it simple at first.

Select the right reinforcement for your dog

Step 2 - Placement of reinforcement ….where do you want to build value?

To get the balance right, near you needs to be very high value……away from you needs to have a lower value reinforcement.

Step 3 - Inject some FUN

 Play the game with a great positive energy! Here’s how to play the game:

We love our dogs to be dogs and love them to love us even more.

It’s the very first step and is a fantastic game to to teach the concept that the world is great BUT you are even more amazing. Have fun!

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Tom is a veterinarian, clinical behaviourist and companion and sports dog trainer, providing a unique perspective on all things dog.


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