Good Old Dog

Last week I was interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air by Dave Davies (introduced by Terri Gross).  The subject was Tufts new book, good Old Dog, which I contributed to and edited. Right after the show the book took off. It was in the top 100 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites, which means, by definition, that it is a best seller already. Amazon actually sold out of books for a while and had to reorder. Such is the power of public radio! This week is the so-called national radio tour where I sit at my desk and get local stations from all over the country call me to chat about the book. I have about 12 interviews set up so far and may be coming to a radio station near you (whoever you are and wherever you live!).  Then mid-November (the 15th) I will be on the Diane Rehm show and WAMU (2 separate shows, one before lunch and one after to be broadcast live from Washington DC). The release date of this book was well planned, right in time for the gist giving season!

Anyway, razzmatazz aside, the book should be very helpful for all owners of aging dogs and fills a niche that has hitherto neglected.  The population of older dogs is increasing in parallel with the human population and for similar reasons (enhanced preventive health care and more advanced medical techniques). These days, more and more people find themselves in the company of an aging dog and need to know where to look for help when things begin to go south. Old age is not a disease it is state that with care and knowledge can be managed. The book explains how. We hope that after reading this book owners will be in a better position to know what’s right for their dog and that they will have increased quality time with their dear old(er) friend.  Good Old Dog’s subtitle is: expert advice for keeping you aging dog happy, healthy, and comfortable. That just about sums it up.

To learn more about Good Old Dog see NPR’s website for an extract of the discussion.

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Positively Expert: Nicholas Dodman

Dr. Dodman is one of the world's most noted and celebrated veterinary behaviorists, an acclaimed author of four books, and a regular lecturer. Dr. Dodman has written 5 highly acclaimed books and has authored two textbooks and more than 150 scientific articles and book chapters. He appears regularly on radio and television.


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