How to Make an Easter Egg Hunt for Your Dog

Throwing an Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs

Baskets and egg hunts are two popular activities for Easter Sunday. Typically, the tiny humans have all the fun while our dogs sit back and watch. How fair is that?! I say it’s time we make a change. This year, let’s throw an Easter egg hunt for our dogs.

When planning your egg hunt, remember that it is really just a holiday themed nose work game!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Grab some plastic Easter eggs (the kind you typically put candy or coins in).
  • If the eggs don’t have a hole in the end, poke a hole to allow the scent to escape.
  • Add your dog’s favorite, strong-smelling treats to each egg. Allow your dog to watch what you are doing, especially if he is new to nose work activities.
  • With your dog out of sight, hide those eggs! Consider your dog’s level of experience with nose work when choosing hiding spots. If your dog is new, keep the eggs at nose level where they can be seen fairly easily.
  • Bring your dog back into the room and have fun helping to search for those treat-filled eggs!

Many dogs will gently pop the egg open and snatch the treats, but you might need to provide some assistance. If your dog is a strong chewer, it's probably best to skip the plastic eggs and just hide the treats around your house.

Would you throw your dog an Easter egg hunt? Let's see those pictures!

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Positively Expert: Kelsie McKenzie

Kelsie McKenzie is a dog blogger and marketing grad student with a mild Great Pyrenees obsession. She enjoys learning about canine health and behavior and social media marketing.


14 thoughts on “How to Make an Easter Egg Hunt for Your Dog

  1. beaglesbargains

    Easter egg hunts are such great ideas for dogs! They are fun for everyone involved and are so easy! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. Jillian Cameron

    This is such a cute idea! I would love to try this with my dog! Thanks for the post!

  3. Playful Kitty

    This sounds like a wonderful idea! I bet the dogs absolutely love it. I am considering trying out a little Easter egg hunt with my kitties (catnip filled eggs). It should be fun 🙂

  4. Catherine Armato, Dogs Luv Us

    I love the idea of a doggie Easter egg hunt so this year I'm going to do one! I'm all ready; got the plastic eggs, got the treats. Good tip to let your dog see what you're doing, I hadn't though about that so I'll incorporate that. Thanks for a great post!

  5. Meet the Fur-Bombers

    I would like to try this, but am a slightly afraid that my pups would break the plastic eggs in their enthusiasm and injure their gums.

  6. Jen Gabbard

    My dog loves nose work games - this is absolutely perfect for us 🙂 I can't wait to get to the store and get some plastic eggs this afternoon; I have a feeling we've got a lot of egg hunts in our future.

  7. Christine Paul

    This sounds like so much fun... I am definitely going to have to do this next year! It will be fun to watch all six little ones run around the room looking for eggs!

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