Don’t Cook Your Dog

Don't Cook Your DogA couple of weeks ago the whole of Britain was furious to hear that two police dogs had died after being left in a hot car.
Instantly that policeman became the number one most hated person in Britain, replacing the woman who had put a cat in the trash!

But instead of stewing in negativity a campaign was born on Twitter to promote a zero tolerance of leaving dogs unattended in hot cars.

Many years ago the RSPCA did a demo of how hot a Volvo estate gets even with the tailgate up and all the windows down. They proved that within a very short period a dog actually starts cooking. Designer Judith Broug gave her expertise for free and Dogs Today magazine picked up the bill on printing 50,000 car stickers and 1,500 posters that graphically got across this message. Actor and author Stephen Fry added his name to mix with a spectacular reTweet to his 2.98 million Twitter army and the rest is history! The striking car sticker has already been translated into many languages. One of Britain’s top PR agencies agreed to work on the campaign too  pro-bono - or should that be Pro Bonio!

If you would like a free car sticker or a poster, click herefor the latest news!

We would love charities and doggie people to really support this campaign worldwide and would be very keen to share the artwork so people can have their own stickers printed – we have found a very good printer and we can arrange bulk printing at cost for anyone wanting more than 5,000 stickers. We are just as happy to send people as few as 15 for the price of the postage via our site. Please do spread the word and stop anymore dogs having a horrible and avoidable death.

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Positively Expert: Beverly Cuddy

Beverley Cuddy has been the editor and proprietor of "Dogs Today" Magazine since 1990. She had her own column in the Mail on Sunday for eight years and has regularly appeared on TV and radio programmes with a doggie theme. She is also chairman of Tailwaggers Club Trust, a canine charity that helps pet owners in distress.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Cook Your Dog

  1. Laurie

    I am always stunned at how selfish and incompetent people are. Simply put, if it is hot out, the dog is at your side at all times. NOT in the car. Even for the simplest of errands. If it's not a drive through DON'T GO! I don't know what the temperature cut off is for dogs or children in the car but mine is pretty low. If it's not nice spring weather in the 70's then the dog isn't in the car unattended. Would we sit in a parked car in hot temps even with the windows down? No.

  2. Ineke Verkerk

    Leaving your dog in a car when the sun shines is a big NO NO, but when travelling through Enland last octobre with my bulldog I got a problem with the Service Aera's. To visit a toilet, or buy some coffee, you have to leave your dog in the car as they are not allowed. Once or twice I was lucky and could park my car in the shade, the third time I had to take my dog inside...... And this was octobre!

    So, it doesn't stop with a sticker action, there should be more shaded parkingplaces, or Service Aeria's should welcome dogs inside....


  3. Bella

    How can anyone be so stupid? it beggers belief that people think its ok to leave their dog/dogs in a red hot car.
    Would they dream of leaving their kid/kids in a car on a hot day, would they hell as like.
    People get a grip & think of your dogs life, friendship, what they mean to you & also do you want a criminal record to boot!!

  4. nono

    I'm with a rescue in the states and would love to put a "virtual" sticker or poster on our website, which could help with exposure and continued education to our own adopters. Do you offer that? If so, I can be reached via my email address included above. Thanks so much!!

    Waggin' Train Rescue
    NY, NY

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