Do You Walk Your Dogs?

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Our dogs have a big fenced back yard with plenty of grass, plants, bushes and fun places to enjoy their time outside. They even have some bird feeders, where they promptly chase the birds away when running out of the house to their big back yard. It’s a wonderful sanctuary for them to play, lounge, explore and smell everything around him. They are provided plenty of outdoor time, under our supervision of course. However, we still walk our dogs at a local park at least once a day. We feel that it is just as important to physically and mentally stimulate our dogs by walking them on leash and visiting a new park or a new area each day.

Some people live in big cities and don’t have the luxury and convenience of a big fenced back yard. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to take your dog on leash and allow them to get their daily physical and mental exercise. If there’s a nearby park, you can take your dog’s there to play, walk, smell the scents and maybe meet a new friend or two.

I’ve heard that some dogs are left inside their home for the entire day with piddle pads while they’re human companions are at work. These dogs may be walked in the morning and once or twice at night. Still others are provided access to a doggie door to come and go in their backyard as they need to. In my opinion, none of these options are acceptable and can lead into some challenging behavior and circumstances.

We have people in our neighborhood who leave their dogs outside in their fenced back yards the entire day. Some of them go to work and leave the dogs in the back yard. Others stay at home and choose to leave the dogs outside anyway. From my observations, these dogs aren’t mentally stimulated and often get bored. This is when they tend to get into mischief. They’ll dig large holes near the fence or back gate to burn off their excess energy. They’ll chew and claw the fence posts out of sure boredom. On more than one occasion they’ve pushed the gate open and ran around the neighborhood, gotten into harm’s way or simply don’t return..

The more you can walk your dog on a leash the better. It provides great physical and mental exercise for your dog. I know in our case, all of the additional walks continue to make out pups healthy and happy. They stay physically and mentally stimulated throughout the day and never cause any issues or unwanted challenges. We’ve also personally have benefited by staying physically active, allowing us to have less stress and we rest better and longer at night. Not to mention, the great bond we have with our dogs.

I feel that it’s great if you can provide your dog a big fenced yard in which to run, play and explore. However, it’s even more important to walk your dog on leash multiple times a day. Provide your dogs with plenty of mental and physical stimulation and you will have some very happy (and tired) pups.

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Positively Expert: Tim Link

Tim Link is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Animal Writes" on Pet Life Radio. He is an internationally recognized animal expert, communicator, and consultant. As part of his passion for helping animals , Tim has also mastered Reiki - an ancient art of energy healing - which he uses on animals.


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