DIY Valentine’s Day Collar Scarf

Whip up a collar scarf for your pet in time for Valentine’s Day! We tend to do holiday-themed pictures with our dogs – and, occasionally, we can get the cat in on it – but I don’t like to spend money on embellishments for the photos. For this February 14, I made the easiest, cheapest collar scarves with no sewing required! Follow these five simple steps to create one for your pup: Supplies: Scrap fabric or paper, scissors, a piece of paper or newspaper for the pattern, and either glue or a stapler

  1. Measure your dog’s collar. For this project, I used Cooper’s, which is one inch wide. Double it (two inches) and add at least a half inch to account for thickness. That number – 2.5 inches in my case – is the top of the scarf, which will wrap around the collar.
  2. Make your pattern: On a sheet of paper, draw a straight line the length of your measurement from step one. Draw a second line parallel to that line about six inches away. Then, connect those two lines with a triangle. You're basically drawing home plate! Then, cut out your pattern! Here's mine to help you visualize it: DIY collar scarf pattern
  3. Cut out your scarf: Set the pattern on top of your fabric. This can be anything. I happened to have some red felt left over from their Halloween costumes, but an old T-shirt, sweater material, a towel, even paper like cardstock or tissue paper could work for this. Use whatever you have around the house! Cut the fabric according to the pattern.
  4. Create the collar “sleeve” for the scarf: Remember that extra length you allowed for the top of the scarf? Here’s where that comes in. Set the collar on top of the fabric aligned with the bottom of that parallel line. Draw a line along the bottom of the collar – I suggest pencil, but I used a marker here so you could see it. Marking your DIY collar scarf That is now your glue or staple line. I used hot glue, but you can use whatever you have – fabric glue, staples, even Elmer’s could work. Glue that line, then fold down the top of the scarf to create the collar sleeve.
  5. Voilà: Slide the collar through the sleeve, put your dog’s collar back on, and adore the cuteness!

Cooper, Emmett, Lucas rock their DIY collar scarf Not only is this cheap since you utilize whatever you have around your house, it’s fast. In total, making three (I actually made four, but the cat refused to get in the photo), it took 20 minutes. Quick enough to whip up a batch in time for Saturday! Fun tip: Those of you who work with rescues, you can craft these in different sizes and colors for adoption events. They look even cuter with iron-on letters, like "Adopt me!"

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Positively Expert: Maggie Marton

Maggie Marton is an award-winning pet journalist who focuses on the animal-human bond in her writing and her advocacy. She is a freelance writer and the founder of the popular dog blog "Oh My Dog!" She is also the author of "Clicker Dog Training: The Better Path to a Well-Behaved Pup."


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