{D.I.Y} Bone Ball Decor

Rolo has been in our family for 4 years coming up on June 23rd, 2015 and we always go over and above to celebrate his special day. This year we have turned his birthday into a donation drive for his former shelter as well as a big puppy play-date at a dog park.  I'm always looking for easy, adorable decor ideas to make for such events and this seemed perfect and inexpensive to do! This would be perfect as a centerpiece at a shelter event, gala or like what we are doing, a doggie birthday party. We are going to teach you all, step by step, how to make some bone ball decorations.
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Under $25.00 (cdn)
(Treats $5.00, Foam Balls $6.00, Skewers $3.00, Hot Glue Gun & Glue $10.00)
Time Needed: 5 Minutes per Ball

1. Items Needed: Hot Glue Gun, Glue, Dog Treats, Foam Balls, Wooden Skewers (optional) and Two Cups (small & large- not pictured).
2. After the glue gun has heated up, squeeze one dab onto a treat. Add one at a time.
3. Push the treat onto the foam ball. Do not put the glue directly onto the ball and stick the bone to it as the glue may melt the foam ball.
4. Use the small cup to hold the ball as you cover one side in treats.
5. Once one side is filled, use the bigger cup to put the side already finished into it, to hold it as you glue treats to the other side.
6. Pat the ball as if you are making a snowball to make sure there are no loose treats. Fix treats if needed.
7. Once you have completed your bone balls, you can add to a decorative glass bowl or turn into a "dog lollipop" by inserting a wooden skewer into the bottom of one.
**Be sure to keep out of the reach of your pets, or supervise them when near, as you do not want them to ingest the foam ball or glue.

Time to get out those glue guns and start crafting, lets see those photos!

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