Behind the Scenes of Greatest American Dog: Part 2

travis_presley-clrbkgVideos With Commentary!

Okay, here we go….. So Michael and Izzy were kicked off because Wendy said this is the Greatest American Dog, not the Greatest American Michael. Debatable… he was pretty cool!

The first challenge this week is Doggie Boot Camp. This will test basic obedience skills like sit, stay, back up, turn right, turn left, down etc. The curve ball will be that the other contestants will be only a few feet away performing the same commands. We were able to practice these commands before the challenge but we had no idea what the setup would be like. Now of course, we all wanted to win.

Episode 2.1 Boot Camp

After being awarded the dog bone sweet, life was good….. until the elimination challenge. When it comes to food, Presley has no limits and this was my concern. We didn’t know what the challenge hold for us, but this video with commentary will explain.

Episode 2.2 Elimination Challenge

We made it, barely, but we made it! Until next week 🙂

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