Against All Odds, Paralyzed Puppy May Have the Chance to Walk


Ivy in her new supportive harness that will help her retain muscle tone while she awaits surgery.

When the Georgia SPCA found a dog and her litter of two-day-old puppies on the side of the road, they weren't optimistic that the family would survive. The nursing mother was extremely sick and emaciated, so the family was immediately taken to an emergency vet. Miraculously, they all survived, and have all been adopted -- except one.

It didn't take long for the little family's foster to notice that something was different about Ivy, one of the puppies in the litter. One of her vertebrae didn't develop properly, and it is severely deformed to the point where it is squeezing her spinal cord, causing paralysis in her rear legs.

Ivy as a tiny puppy.

Ivy as a tiny puppy.

Carrie Ducote, Operations Manager for Georgia SPCA, says that Ivy is just like a regular dog. "She loves to play with other dogs, chase balls and lick faces. It's heartbreaking to watch her try to get around... you can see how frustrated she becomes just trying to walk a few feet. She whines and whimpers but never gets discouraged. I think she knows that she is not able to move like other dogs, but she truly doesn't let it bring her down."IMG_5919

A veterinary specialist has given Ivy and the Georgia SPCA hope for the young pup. They believe that with a special surgery and extensive physical therapy, Ivy will be able to walk on all four legs and live a normal life. With the public's help, the non-profit pet shelter was able to raise the funds needed for Ivy to have the expensive, but life-changing, surgery.

You can see a video of Ivy here.

This sweet puppy's story is heartbreaking, but she has a fantastic team behind her that's working to give that story a happy ending.

Want to get involved? 

Click here to donate directly to Ivy's care. Or to learn more, visit

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