5 Ways to Celebrate the New Year with Your Dog

in the cityAre you opting to ring in 2017 at home with your dog this year?

If you are, I don’t blame you. Parties and other celebrations can be overwhelming and ultimately fail to meet expectations. However, our dogs never disappoint us when we chose to spend time with them. So today I would like to share with you 5 ways you can ring in the New Year with your dog!

1) New Year, New Training: Is there a trick you have always wanted to teach your dog, but never got around to it? Kick off the new year by teaching your dog some new tricks. For example, I have always wanted to teach Rooney how to “sit pretty” and an evening spent at home might be just the right time to do so.

2) Host a Dog Party: I remember when I worked at the veterinary hospital we had a Halloween party with our dogs, and it was so fun. Rooney (dressed as a Stegosaurus) played with my friend’s Golden Retriever for 5 straight hours! It was such a great time! A dog party doesn’t have to take too much planning or work; simply invite some of your closest friends and their dogs over for food and drinks.

3) Set Up and Indoor Agility & Nosework Course: Although the weather may be causing you to spend the evening indoors, this doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise your dog. Now when I say indoor agility, I am not talking about setting up an A-frame or anything like that. However, you could set up a tunnel in a spare bedroom, and maybe some agility polls in your hallway and perhaps a hoop jump in your living room. Your local pet store should carry some indoor agility sets, or you could always make your own. Of course, I want to caution everyone to make sure you can clear enough space so that your dog cannot injure themselves while trying to complete the course. Additionally, your ability to set up all depends on the size of your dog and your home.

If agility doesn’t sound like the right activity, you can always get your dog started with nose work. I honestly believe that nose work would be Rooney’s sport of choice. A few weeks ago, we started working on the basics, and we very quickly were hunting for treats around the house. Lastly, if nose work and indoor agility aren’t the right activities for you, here is a list of 10 indoor activities that will help you get through New Years Eve.

4) Create a Calendar: Why not take some themed pictures with your pet and get started on a 2017 calendar. Take a peek through your millions of dog photos (don’t worry, we all have them) and see which ones could make a good calendar photo. Then, take a few more with your dog on New Years Eve and don’t forget to reward them for participating with treats!

5) Try a New Recipe: Pinterest is filled with recipes for DIY Dog Treats. As a matter of fact, I have created a whole Pinterest board. However, I haven’t tried a single recipe yet. I am sure your dog would greatly appreciate being a taste tester for the evening. Additionally, you are starting the year off right by learning something new 🙂

Tell me, how will you be spending New Years Eve?

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Positively Expert: Rachel Sheppard

Rachel Sheppard is the author and founder of My Kid Has Paws. She is a Social Media Manager, blogger, animal lover, volunteer, graduate student, and shoe collector.


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