5 Tips to Apartment Living with Giant Breed Dogs

Are you living in an apartment and considering a giant breed dog? Read this to learn some tips for a successful living arrangement.

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Something that I see far too often, and that makes me incredibly sad, is people surrendering their dog due to moving into an apartment. This most frequently occurs with giant breeds as many people feel it is ‘cruel’ to put a large dog in a small apartment. However, contrary to popular belief, most giant breed dogs do extremely well with apartment living when all of their needs are met.

Choose a Dog-Friendly Neighborhood
If you have options when apartment hunting, consider how dog-friendly the neighborhood is. Nothing is worse than taking your dog out for a potty break and not being able to find grass (we’ve had this issue with hotel stays too). Not only will you want grass, but convenient walking trails are great to give your dog much-needed exercise.

Some apartment complexes will even have parks, walking trails, and nearby dog-friendly stores. Perfect for getting your pooch out for socialization!

Choose a Giant Breed-Friendly Apartment
I’m not going to lie – finding an apartment that will allow giant breeds is tough. We struggled for a long time to find an apartment complex that would accept our big dogs. Sometimes, landlords are flexible and will allow you to rent even with a dog over their weight limit (unless their insurance policy prevents it).

Many people have had great success by letting their landlord meet their dog to showcase his personality. Don’t be afraid to brag about your dog! Is your dog a Canine Good Citizen? Has he taken a year of obedience classes? Show the landlord that you are responsible and will be a good neighbor with your dog.

Offer Consistent Exercise
Any dog, regardless of size or living situation, needs regular exercise. Giant breeds tend to be very lazy inside, but still need to get out and stretch their legs. Choose the type of activity you and your dog enjoy and be consistent. After a long walk, your giant breed will probably want to snooze the rest of the day away.

Provide Mental Stimulation
Just like daily exercise, mental stimulation is a must for all dogs. In order to keep your apartment-dwelling dog happy and out of trouble, it’s important to tire the mind as well. Basic obedience and several tricks can be taught in a small space. Check out these tricks to get you started!

Establish a Routine
Routines can help your dog establish himself in a new, smaller place. Create and stick to a schedule for feeding, potty breaks, exercise, and training to help your dog feel more comfortable.

Do you live in an apartment with a large dog? What are your tips for successful apartment life with dogs?

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