5 Easy Dog Treat Recipes to Make for the Holidays

Winter holidays are a great time of year to try your hand at homemade dog treats. With so much tantalizing people food lying around, it’s more tempting than usual to offer your dog a little people-food-snack than ever—but for the sake of your dog’s health and your wallet, don’t do it! Stick to their usual diet, and try making some homemade, dog-friendly treats. Here are five easy dog treat recipes you can try out.

Double Pumpkin Dog Treats, recipe from Good Dogs & Co.

Double Pumpkin Dog Treats

The most autumn-themed dog treat we’ve ever created, this combination of pumpkin puree and pumpkin seeds packs some extra health benefits for your pups along with a satisfying crunch. Be careful though, as these crunchy bites look tasty enough that your human guests may start rooting through the dog treat jar!

Harvest Apple & Bacon Dog Treats, recipe from Good Dogs & Co.

Harvest Apple & Bacon Dog Treats

These treats combine the sweet taste of in season apples with the savory flavors of bacon. Grab some extras when you go apple picking, save a little bacon from one of those over-indulgent holiday breakfasts, and you’ve got the makings of a delicious and slightly indulgent dog treat for your pup.

Quinoa, Peanut Butter, and Carob Dog Treats, recipe from Good Dogs & Co.

Quinoa, Peanut Butter, & Carob Dog Treats

Quinoa has risen in popularity over the years because it’s gluten-free, low-fat, and cholesterol free. Mix in some protein-rich peanut butter and a dash of carob, and you’ve got the makings of a tasty and healthy dog treat.

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Dog Treats, recipe from Good Dogs & Co.

Gluten Free Cinnamon Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Even gluten-sensitive pups can get in on the holiday treat fun with these sweet potato treats. The cinnamon and coconut in this dog treat recipe will also make your house smell divine while they bake in the oven, so they're the perfect thing to stick in the oven early in the morning before guests come over.

3 Ingredient Vegan Dog Treats, recipe from Good Dogs & Co.

Vegan Sweet Potato Dog Treats

This dog treat is one of our community’s favorite recipes for dogs who are sensitive to everything. Plus, with only three ingredients, these are a great beginner recipe and take very little time to make—perfect for the holiday season when we're all a little shorter on time than we'd like to admit.

Looking for more dog treat recipes to try? We have all these treats and more listed on our Treat Index at Good Dogs & Co.—tell us what treats you're planning to give your pup this holiday season!

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Positively Expert: Lucy Bennett

Lucy is Co-Founder of Good Dogs & Co., a website celebrating the ups and downs of dog ownership. She's on a mission to help her dog Topher overcome his dog reactivity, after he was blinded in one eye by a dog attack.


4 thoughts on “5 Easy Dog Treat Recipes to Make for the Holidays

  1. Janel Kay

    I'd love to know what the recipe is for the dog treats. Maybe I'm missing something but I get the picture and the description but not the recipe. What am I missing?

  2. Paul Hellmann

    Janel you need to click on the linl to the recipe in the descriptions of each treat. The words will be a different color than black. They are kind of pink on my tablet. Hope that helps.

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