4 Dog Park Alternatives for You & Your Dog

Does your dog really love going to the dog park? In some cases, the answer is yes! For highly social pups, the dog park can be a mostly fun and stress-free experience. But if you've noticed that your dog spends most of his time at the dog park glued to your side or pawing at the exit door, it's worth considering some other alternatives. And you can also add these activities in addition to your normal dog park routine.

Here are my four dog park alternatives:

  1. Puppy Play Dates
    If you have a young puppy, socialization is critical to help prevent fear and aggression from developing later in life. But a trip to the dog park could prove disastrous. Not only are young pups not fully protected from disease, but they're also easy targets for rude or bullying dogs that can frequent dog parks. Spare your pup from a potentially unpleasant outing and opt for a playdate with a friendly dog or two that you know is fully vaccinated and plays well with others.

  2. Hikes
    Hikes are a fun, calorie-burning alternative to the dog park. Not only do dogs get great physical exercise, but they're also exposed to mentally stimulating sights, smells, and sounds. And hikes don't have to be grueling in order to effectively wear your dog out! Even flat, paved walking trails can provide a fun experience for you and your dog.
  3. Group Classes
    Have you ever noticed that after even a short training session, your dog is ready for a nap? Even though basic training might look simple for us humans, for our dogs it requires a great deal of mental energy. Group classes are a great way to meet new people and their dogs, teach your dog some new behaviors, and get them some great mental and physical stimulation. A good puppy class will allow closely monitored off-leash play, and some adult dog classes will allow playtime as well! And if you have a reactive dog, there are an abundance of quality reactive dog classes designed specifically for dogs with similar issues.
  4. Backyard Games
    Great physical and mental stimulation in your own backyard is possible! Letting your dog roam around in the backyard isn't a replacement for true exercise, but there are loads of great games that can provide quality mental stimulation without leaving your home.One example is the "find it" game. You can hide treats (or even your dog's meals) in your home or yard and then let your dog spend a few minutes hunting for their own food. First, let them watch you scatter the food and then release them to "go find." Once they get the hang of it, you can make it harder by doing a "blind" version of the test, where your dog doesn't see where you've hidden the food and has to follow his nose to find it.

These dog park alternatives are all great options for providing your dog physical and mental stimulation without the added risks of a dog park environment. You can also mix and match the activities to find the perfect balance for you and your dog.

Here's to a world full of happy and enriched dogs!

Want more training tips? Find me at www.peachonaleash.com or Facebook.com/PeachonaLeash.

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Positively Expert: Alex Andes

Alex Andes is the owner and head trainer of Peach on a Leash Dog Training & Behavior Services in Atlanta, GA.


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