Theo Stewart

withVictoriaTheo Stewart started working full time with dogs later in her life, having been involved in traditional dog training as a sideline over the years. She was using now outdated dominance methods till ten years ago when she awoke to the power of positive, force-free training. This transformed her relationship with her own dogs – at that time a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd. Now Theo is a ‘cross-over’. Having experienced for herself both dominance methods and force-free ways of working, she has proved over and over again just how much more effective and permanent positive methods are.

Theo works as a behaviour practitioner and trainer on a one-to-one basis in people’s homes. She has to date helped well over two thousand clients and their dogs. Because some of her clients would refer to her as The Dog Lady, she adopted that name for her business.

Theo started her career as a musician, having obtained an LRAM (Royal Academy of Music in London) followed by The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, after which she qualified as a teacher at Bedford College of Higher Education. Over the years she fit working as a teacher around looking after her five children and various dogs.

With her children grown up, Theo left teaching to successfully run two businesses before deciding to re-train as a canine behaviour practitioner eight years ago.

Theo feels that with her background in teaching, business and love of dogs, this job has been tailor-made for her. She loves every minute of the work and hopes her health and mobility continue to be as good as they are currently for many years to come.TheoVSPDT

In 2013 Theo become one of Victoria Stilwell’s Positively Dog Trainers. In 2014 she was accepted for full membership of the IMDT – Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. She is a graduate of the ISCP (International School for Canine Practitioners) and has attended a great many courses and seminars.

Although she ‘soaks up books and seminars’, Theo’s approach and experience is more hands-on and practical than academic.

Since 2011 Theo has written up on her website the ‘stories’ of many of the dogs she visits and helps. In addition to spreading the ‘positively’ word, this enables prospective clients to get a feel for her approach.

Theo Stewart, The Dog Lady



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