Sarah Stremming

IMG_7040_editSarah has been working with dogs in the realms of performance training and behavior solutions for over a decade. Her special area of interest has long been helping dog owners address behavioral concerns in their competition dogs. Reactivity, anxiety, aggression, and problems with arousal are all major concerns for many competitors, and there is nothing Sarah loves more than helping her clients overcome these issues and succeed in their chosen arena. 

Sarah values continuing education and in addition to attending local seminars put on by experts in the field of animal training and behavior she attends Clicker Expo every year. Her background in psychology contributes to her understanding of both halves of the human-canine teams she works with, while her love of dog sports provides common ground for she and her clientele. Her unique approach to behavior work involves addressing all aspects of a dog's life to be sure his needs are being met before behavior modification begins. Her dog training philosophy revolves around honoring the dog's experience.  

A Colorado native, Sarah now resides in Seattle with her partner, two Australian shepherds and four border collies. On any given weekend she's either hitting the dirt in the agility arena or on the hiking trail.  

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