Rachel Hayball

Rachel is a dog trainer who lives in Dorset, UK.

She grew up helping her parents care for their dogs, before getting her first dog at the age of 14, a rescue lurcher puppy called Sacha. She was a huge part of Rachels life and was the kick start to her wish to work with dogs.

Rachel initially studied animal care and canine behaviour at college, before getting involved in dog rescue and later set up a UK dog rescue charity called Hounds First Sighthound Rescue. As a result Rachel is involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of hundreds of dogs each year, and sees many troubled souls pass through the rescue. Many of these dogs have issues that would have been preventable with the correct training and socialisation, and of course, an understanding owner. Rachels extensive experience with rescue dogs is really helpful when assessing and working with others. She has a wealth of experience with many breeds of dogs.

It was through working in rescue that Rachel realised that she would like to be involved in helping prevent the problem by working with dogs and owners and helping them achieve a good solid relationship and giving owners the knowledge they need to help dogs through any problems that may occur. Dog ownership isn’t easy and Rachel feels that it is essential that all dog owners have access to a caring supportive dog trainer.

Rachel has a Diploma in Canine behaviour from the International School of Canine Psychology and Behaviour, and has also studied with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. She is an accredited Dog Behaviourist with INTODOGS and The ABTC and is also a member of the Pet Professionals Guild.  Rachel is a tutor for the International School of Canine Psychology and Behaviour and is also a mentor for the Victoria Stilwell Academy.

Rachel attend regular workshops and conferences on dog behaviour and training as she feels that it is essential to keep learning and keep as up to date as possible.

Rachel is passionate about dog training and hopes that her work helps others see how fantastic and exciting positive dog training is. Visit Woof Less Wag More.

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