Marc Abraham

Marc AbrahamBritish veterinarian Marc Abraham has been qualified for over 14 years and has treated a wide range of animals from the comfort of his consulting room to both warzones and scenes of natural disaster. As a result, Marc was recently awarded the UK's veterinary industry’s prestigious Special Recognition Award and voted the UK’s Favourite Vet.

Marc has appeared on some of the biggest animal-related TV shows including It’s Me Or the Dog and BBC News. As well as actively campaigning against puppy mills, Marc also passionately promotes responsible pet-ownership issues including microchipping, rescue pet adoption and responsible dog breeding.

Marc’s popular radio phone-ins, monthly and weekly newspaper columns and school-visits prove his obvious commitment and passion to educate our nation’s current and future pet-owners.

Marc was also recently appointed as an independent veterinary advisor to the Kennel Club of Great Britain, and actively supports a number of animal charities.

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