Louisa Morrissey

Louisa and LinusLouisa Morrissey is the owner and founder of High Country Dogs in Colorado. She is a member of Victoria Stilwell’s Positively Dog Training Team, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a member of the Pet Professional Guild of Non-Force Trainers and a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She has volunteered for a variety of shelters and rescues and is the trainer for the Aspen Animal Shelter.

Louisa has several years of experience in training dogs of all ages, breeds and mixed breeds. This includes several years of training dog owners from all walks of life as well. She is experienced in teaching a wide variety of topics from puppy basics, good manners, Canine Good Citizen, Recall (Come), Loose Leash Walking and a variety of dog sports to behavioral issues such as barking, jumping, anxiety and aggression.

She also enjoys Skijoring, Cani-Cross, Agility and Rally with her own dogs and has been an ambassador for the sport of Skijoring on several news shows and in print articles. She teaches Skijoring classes throughout Colorado.
She is passionate about using positive reinforcement based training and continuing to learn about how dogs perceive, feel, learn and relate to each other as dogs and to us as humans. Most importantly, Louisa believes that training and sports, when done in a fun and positive way, enhance and deepen the relationship shared between dogs and their humans.

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