Kevin Duggan

363C3276-EditKevin Duggan is a certified professional dog trainer through the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers. Originally from Massachusetts, he now resides in Kent, OH where he owns and operates All Dogs go to Kevin.  Kevin is also a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Kevin has one dog whose name is V for Vendetta. (V.) V is a registered therapy dog and is also a dog actor. He has appeared in a couple commercials, one of which aired locally during the Super Bowl and World Cup.

Kevin is very passionate about helping people with their dogs. He is also very passionate about how dogs are treated in the name of training. As a crossover trainer he knows what can go wrong with the traditional way that some trainers still use to train.  Going through the certification process really opened up his eyes. He learned how dogs learn, and why they do the things they do. That led him to crossing over and focusing heavily on reinforcing the wanted behaviors, instead of waiting for the unwanted behavior to happen to punish them.363C3722-Edit

Kevin puts a lot of effort forth into helping people free of charge. He does this by volunteering his time at the local APL and also by writing blog posts, and making free videos on his YouTube channel.  Kevin is the Dogington Post’s expert dog trainer. He writes blog posts and also does an Ask the Trainer Column.  To find out more about Kevin, visit his website You can also find him on his Facebook page

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