Jim Crosby

JimVikBBCJames Crosby, CBCC-KA, is a retired Police Lieutenant (Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Jacksonville, FL) and has professionally trained dogs, taught individual and group obedience classes, and addressed canine behavior problems since 1999.

Jim is a Certified Behavior Consultant-Canine-Knowledge Assessed (CCPDT). Jim is recognized as an expert in the US and Canada on Dangerous Dogs, canine aggression, fatal dog attacks, and related issues and as such has performed evaluations on alleged Dangerous Dogs for various legal cases and jurisdictions. He has personally investigated 20 fatal dog attacks on humans and, has post-attack, evaluated over 40 dogs that have attacked and killed humans. Jim served as Division Manager for Bay County (FL) Animal Control from 2008-2010 and is a Florida Certified Animal Control Officer.

As a VSPDT, Jim has appeared with colleague Victoria Stilwell at Dog Bite Prevention Conferences across the US and abroad. Through this education the team is trying to reduce the number of dog bite injuries, particularly to children, the most vulnerable victims.

A Charter Associate Member of the International Veterinary Forensic Science Association, Jim is currently enrolled at the University of Florida in their groundbreaking Veterinary Forensics program working towards his Masters’ Degree in Veterinary Forensics. Jim is also a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners. Stella2

Jim teaches safe handling and rehabilitation of Dangerous Dogs and Investigation of Fatal and Serious Dog Attacks to police, animal control agencies, and others across the US, the UK, Italy, and Canada. Jim has been instrumental in a number of successful prosecutions focused on dog related fatalities.

Jim is currently active as a consultant on aggressive and Dangerous Dog issues, including legislative action and legal advising, civil and criminal. Jim continues to train Animal Control Officers, Police, and other investigators on procedures regarding the investigation of fatal dog attacks, participating in such investigations as an expert resource. Jim performs behavioral evaluation and retraining for difficult and aggressive dogs on an individual basis. Jim is also training police agencies on the proper use of force in canine encounters with the aim of reducing violence to both police officers and pets.


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