Jenna Ray

NFO_9190Jenna Ray is an award-winning editor/writer by day and a pit bull parent/advocate by night. A lifelong animal lover, Jenna hopes to inspire positive perceptions of power breeds and rescue pets by sharing her story and those of others on her blog, Pearls on the Prairie. There she documents the journey of her rescued pit mix, Chevy, and their efforts to create a beautiful life together.

Jenna holds a BA in English, theatre arts, and American multicultural studies from the University of Minnesota, Morris, and her expertise includes digital storytelling and media relations. Jenna uses these skills to shed light on the experience of pit bull rescue and rehabilitation and to examine the portrayal of power breeds in the media.

Jenna is a North Dakota native and a Minnesota transplant. When she’s not blogging about rescue dog ownership and advocacy, she can be found serving Ellie’s Legacy Pet Rescue and enjoying life on the prairie with her husband and rescue pets, Chevy and Indie.

Learn more about Jenna at


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