Jen Gabbard

jenandlaika2Jen Gabbard is a blogger, web designer, and dog lover living in the metro Detroit area. In 2014 she started Puppy Leaks, a blog dedicated to sharing tips about dog behavior, positive training, and the importance of lots of play and exercise.

Jen hopes to inspire others to live a happier, healthier life with their canine companions. She believes a dog is more than “just a dog;” they're our loyal companions that deserve a well balanced life.

Being a life-long dog lover, Jen knew she wanted to be involved with animals from a young age. She's an advocate for animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and supporting local rescue organizations.

When Jen is not working on her blog, you can find her hiking, doing crossword puzzles, drinking coffee, and reading science journals. She lives with her German Shepherd mix Laika in the metro Detroit area.

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