Jen deHaan

jdehaan-with-dogsJen deHaan is a graphic and web designer, writer, and dog person living in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. She enjoys learning about dog training and behavior, and practicing what she learns with her two herding-type (former shelter) dogs Mort and Tig.

Jen has attended Trish King’s Canine Behavior Academy, and seminars by John Rogerson including his and 21 day intensive on behavior and training in India. Jen has also been a shelter volunteer, adoption counsellor, Dog Training class assistant, and has helped several local shelter advocacy groups.

After a long time working in cubicles for large software corporations, Jen is now a freelance web consultant and graphic designer at FoundPixel. She writes about technical topics for pet jdehaan-dogs copyand lifestyle writers at Professional Pet Blogging. Jen speaks at blogging conferences about how to design, develop, and maintain professional websites.

Jen is also a professional pet writer, blogging about dogs at DOGthusiast and Internet of Dog Things, and runs a handmade pet product business at Stylish Canine because she likes to sew things for dogs. Jen loves photography, especially of dogs, and you can find many of her photos on the Stylish Canine Instagram account.

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