Jayde Davey

DSC_1681~3Jayde is currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management and has since been accepted as a member of the International Society of Animal Professionals. She also has a diploma in Small Animal Care and in 2015 she passed her Certified Trick Dog Instructor exam with the Do More With Your Dog Group and so hold monthly trick dog groups on Social Media to encourage people to start training with their dogs, as it is great mental stimulation.

As a result of studying Canine Behaviour Management in 2015 she launched her website, Blog That Dog, on which she posts videos, articles and images all connected via social media as well. She has a deaf Dalmatian called Logan who stars in many of her blog videos and she has written a couple of articles specifically about deafness in dogs and the stigma surrounding it. She enjoys trick training using positive reinforcement and Logan knows many a trick, including how to remove socks, open doors and raise his back leg on cue.

Jayde believes it is important to spread the word about positive reinforcement and move away from training dogs through fear and pain. She also wants to try and erase some of the negativity associated with deaf dogs, and hopes that Logan can help with this.

She hopes to start my own dog walking and training business, helping people to understand their dogs’ behaviour and encouraging training in a fun way for both dog and owner!

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