Ivana Pen

ivana-penIvana is a graphic designer and writer. Having received her Bachelor's in Graphic Design (B.Des Hons.) from York University in Toronto, Ivana returned to her home town of Sudbury, Ontario to begin her career and has since become a partner with Campfire Collective, a design and marketing group specializing in helping entrepreneurs, non-profits, bloggers, and other businesses build a better presence online.

After bringing her purebred Great Dane, Archer, home in December 2012, Ivana quickly found herself immersed in everything related to raising a happy, sociable, well-trained dog. Hoping to share her research and knowledge, Ivana joined forces with her long time friend and colleague, Lucy Bennett, to found Good Dogs & Co., an online resource for modern dog owners. The mission of Good Dogs & Co. is to bring the pet community closer together by sharing stories and knowledge from the industry as well as from dog owners themselves.

Ivana is an outdoor enthusiast and tailors her time outside to activities she can enjoy alongside Archer. Regardless of the time of year, they can frequently be seen along the off-leash trails near their home. Due to Archer's gentle demeanor and social nature, Ivana has set her sights on eventually training Archer as a therapy dog—though that's a project further down the road.

You can follow Ivana and Archer on the Good Dogs & Co. website, and catch them on Instagram at @gooddogsco for some great photography of their adventures together, as well as the rest of the Good Dogs & Co. community!


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