Debby McMullen

highres_10656295Debby is the author of the How Many Dogs? Using Positive Reinforcement Training to Manage a Multiple Dog Household, which has also been translated into German. She owns Pawsitive Reactions, LLC in Pittsburgh, PA. Her specialty is behavior consultations with an emphasis on multiple dog households as well as aggression. She is certified in behavior through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (

She presents multiple dog seminars upon request and has several webinars available online on the subject of multiple dog households.

In addition to blogging for the Positively site, she blogs on her book’s website at

Debby began her training career in 1998 as a volunteer instructor at Animal Friends shelter in Pittsburgh. She has taught literally thousands of classes both through the shelter and at other locations. She started as a dog walker and developed a keen interest in behavior and was asked to join the behavior program. This lead to a career switch and the creation of her own behavior business.

Debby also ran her own Doberman rescue for nearly 15 years before taking a less active role in the rescue world.

You can buy her book here: and you can follow her "How Many Dogs" Facebook page here:

Read Debby's articles here.



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3 thoughts on “Debby McMullen

  1. GMNF1

    Just finished reading "Don’t Do Me Wrong: Rescue Groups and Dog Behavior Knowledge" and it speaks so much to what is going on in the rescue world now. Save them, get them out fast!.... it seems to be all about the numbers, but to what end if they are warehoused in cages or in foster homes who become hoarders or placed with people who are horrible matches. I have so much anxiety and sadness just watching the videos and photos some of these groups share it has made me limit my time on social media to avoid it. So many dogs, so misunderstood. It's a credit to how wonderfully resilient they are when you think of the buffoonery and downright dangerous situations they are sometimes put through to make "us" feel good.

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