Dale Ward

Me and Victoria Cropped (2)Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, our family always had at least one dog.  Some of my earliest memories are of me being pulled on a sled through the snow by my black Labrador retriever named Chum.  Dogs were always present, from German shepherds and Labs to Chihuahuas.  I know now that much of my instinct regarding canine behavior was sewn in those very early years, but it wasn’t until my dog Roxy that I truly understood the bond that could develop between humans and canines.  Roxy was a wonderful lab/border collie mix who helped me through my tough teenage years.  My love for her was boundless and she was my very best friend.  She died early, she was only 7, of idiopathic immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, and it took me a very long time to recover from this sudden loss.  It was Roxy who taught me how special dogs could be.  Many years later, my wonderful dog Wylie, came into my life.  She was by far, my toughest training challenge and it was Wylie who put me on the path to dog training.

Like many trainers, I came to dog training as a second career.  After spending many years in the corporate world, owning my own Information Technology Consulting business in Canada, I decided to do what I really love, work with dogs.  As with everything I undertake, I immersed myself in all things dog.  I completed my academic education and then sought out ways to gain practical, hands-on experience in multiple environments.  I worked in boarding and grooming facilities as a canine caretaker, doggie daycare supervisor, and grooming assistant.  I also worked in a veterinary hospital as a veterinary assistant for several years.  I have literally worked with thousands of dogs.

I opened Dale’s Dog Training Academy LLC in 2007 where I offer a variety of classes as well as private lessons, behavior consultations and referrals.  My focus is on teaching people how to teach their dogs.  It is extremely important to me to transfer my knowledge to my clients.  I focus on communication and handling skills to ensure the best outcome possible for client and dog.

I continue to expand my knowledge through attendance at seminars and conferences.  I am also pursuing further certification in techniques and practices that will enhance my ability to help my clients. I currently live in North Carolina with my husband Tim and my heart dog, Wylie.

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