Carla Dusel

Carla and KarmaCarla is an active advocate for canine equality and the proud pet parent of two pit bull mixes, Karma and Gypsy.  Karma, the inspiration behind Good Karma Canine, is her partner in crime.  Together they partake in agility, rally obedience, swimming, dock diving, hiking and most recently- kayaking.  Gypsy is a young, affectionate pup that Carla aspires to train as a therapy dog.

Carla began working with animals professionally at eighteen and while always wanting to start her own business she was never quite sure which route to take.  After beginning to work with Karma training became more than just a hobby, it became a way of life and her real passion.  While she still plans on diversifying her canine knowledge through grooming and massage therapy, her true love is training.  She quickly embraced the power of reward based training and began working to help families understand their dog’s behavior and to build strong, positive relationships.  

The incredible connection between humans and canines is what pushes her to learn more everyday and to pass that knowledge on to the people she works with in person and online.  Through the use of social media, and her website, Carla shares personal stories, training tips, product reviews and treat recipes.  She also manages a pet project call The Dog Nerds which is an online group made for people to share their experiences and seek advice on anything and everything dog related.

Carla enjoys doing what she can to help dogs in her community whether that is volunteering at events, creating t-shirt fundraisers or designing adoptable dog posters online.  She also takes part in the annual I'm Not A Monster holiday supply drive and collects items like enrichment toys, training treats, food and bedding for rescue dogs and cats in need.  While there is rarely a moment when she is not working with her own dogs, instructing classes or teaching private lessons- Carla enjoys spending time with her other pets- Luna, a rescued Oriental Frill Pigeon and the latest addition to her little family, Finch, a sweet and playful kitten.  

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