Bill McFarlin

Bill & StarMost of my life I have been around animals. I learned to watch the animals from my dad who trained Quarter horses and bird dogs. He is a avid quail hunter he has trained many bird dogs, over the years of being around him I picked up many tips and systems for dog training. We did not have books or internet – just plan ole thinking outside the box.
My name is Bill McFarlin and I live in Flint Texas.  I am a back yard trainer with 20 plus years of training dogs, I do read and do study dogs. I have a huge love for the outdoors, sports, dogs and family.  Lucille and I compete in agility on a regular basis.  She is a Border Collie rescue from South Louisiana, and she came to me with tons of baggage.  Maggie is a Border Collie from Oklahoma and is my herding demon – she has a laser-like stare on sheep.   She has hip and back problems so I practice good health and exercise.  Then I have Star, a 9 year old Brittany that does tricks, tracking, agility, and is a social butterfly.

Star and I are the National Spokesman for the American Brittany rescue, and we were contestants on the CBS reality show Greatest American Dog.  We donate our time and work with shelters to raise awareness, food and  money for them.  My wife Sherrie has been so understanding when I find a rescue and bring it home.  I will take the pup to the vet, train and teach it till I find the pup a home.  We perform seminars at schools teaching the importance of caring for your dogs, and we are regular entertainers at fairs, civic groups, retirement home, and pet expos.

Tracking, agility, herding , tricks, frisbee, obedience and plain ole fun is what I teach my pups. Laughter makes it all come together, never taking myself too seriously.  My stories and writings here I hope  will make you  smile/chuckle or make you think.

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