Beverley Cuddy

Beverley CuddyBeverley has been dog mad since she was a kid, and since 1990 she has been the Editor of Dogs Today magazine, which is an independent publication. It is aimed at anyone who loves dogs – particularly those who are compassionate and enquiring as there is a lot to read.

“We are lucky to have diverse, amazing, passionate writers who share our vision.  Rather than just report on what’s happening we aim to dig a bit deeper, to dare to campaign for change - to try to make life better for dogs and their people generally.  We campaign for elevating standards in breeding, training, feeding or rehoming and are always campaigning for better animal legislation.  Our readers united can and do make a difference.”
Beverley’s interest in behaviour started 25 years ago when she first encountered the amazing Dr. Ian Dunbar and what was the then-new concept of puppy socialisation.

“I have always been incredibly fussy about our magazine’s behaviour content and have grown more and more concerned about the retro media trend towards dominance and punishment.  We are delighted to have Victoria writing for us, as she is one of our most-loved columnists. “
Beverley shares her life with Oscar the Beardie and Tess the rescued English Springer – plus three kids and a husband!

“I would like to say all are very well trained, but it would be a lie!”

Read Beverley's blog posts here.

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