Andrew Thomas

ABDTC_Andrew_ThomasAndrew Thomas is a professional dog trainer and behaviour consultant based in Langley, British Columbia in Canada. 

Having decided to formalize a lifetime worth of experience with dogs by gaining private certification and starting his business in 2010, Andrew's desire from the outset has been to do his part in helping to break the cycle of family dogs being given-up on, abandoned and even euthanized unnecessarily due to behaviour issues.

For people struggling with their dog's undesirable behaviours, Andrew specializes in providing in-home behaviour evaluations along with behaviour management, prevention and modification programs tailored to suit individual client needs. With a mission to help dog owners establish happy and rewarding relationships with their dogs, Andrew's philosophy and methodology are founded in modern behavioural science using force-free methods and building human-canine relationships based on trust. 

Acknowledging that research into animal behaviour and training methods is an ongoing endeavour, Andrew understands the importance of continuing to grow his knowledge-base and skills through  dialogue with leaders in the field of training and behaviour, clinics and seminars, being active with professional associations and furthering his education, which currently includes preparing to apply for board-certification as a canine behaviour consultant. 

Andrew strives to be a reasoned and informed voice in promoting and supporting animal welfare issues for canines and equines, and he is as a strong proponent of adoption and rescue. The four-legged members of Andrew's family include his dog Nova, his horse Jet, and his girlfriend's dog Charlie. 

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