Amanda Fuller

Photo by Shelley Castle Photography|

Photo by Shelley Castle Photography|

Amanda is a young woman with a big heart that has a little dog with a big story along side her. She’s found her passion and it’s double merles and deaf dogs. After adopting a deaf and vision impaired double merle Australian Shepherd that was facing death at a very young age, she has done everything she can to educate herself on these special, yet preventable dogs. Through social media Amanda tries to educate people on the dangers of breeding merle to merle. Using her special girl, Keller, she is able to show people just how amazing and normal a dog with special needs can be. Keller, and her hearing/seeing sister, Kai, love Facebook and having their pictures taken to show all their followers.

Amanda’s goal is to educate the public on the very preventable consequences of breeding merle to merle and to one day largely decrease the amount of this breeding that occurs. She has began a petition directed at the AKC to hopefully ban the breeding practice.

One day she would like to take her passion and love for these beautiful dogs and channel it into a dog rescue.


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