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Positively Expert: Juliana Willems

Juliana Willems KPA CTP is a senior trainer with Washington, D.C. based company Dog Latin Dog Training. She writes about her experiences fostering and training dogs in her blog Peace, Love & Fostering.

7 Ways to Keep Pet Adoption Events Safe

Posted on: May 18, 2015 - No Comments

Adoption events save lives. They're usually the driving force behind rescue groups and animal shelters reaching the community and finding adopters. But while they are great for finding new homes, adoption events can be very difficult for dogs.

Fostering Adolescents: From Firecracker to Star Student

Posted on: March 30, 2015 - No Comments

Shelter stays are extremely difficult on an animal, so adolescent dogs come to us with abundant energy and stress. This begs the question, how exactly do you handle fostering one of these goofy teenagers without ripping your hair out?