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Positively Expert: Gretta Ford

Gretta Ford is a VSPDT and Clinical Animal Behaviourist, living in North Yorkshire, UK. She is passionate about helping dogs and people enjoy happy lives together.

Nice Dogs Don’t Growl

Posted on: February 23, 2021 - No Comments

So often we hear that 'bad dogs’ or 'aggressive dogs’ growl.  'Nice dogs’ don't growl, surely? Well, that's a bit like saying that only 'bad' people shout in frustration when someone drives inconsiderately and nearly causes an accident or only 'aggressive' people have disagreements with their partners/ family.  For some reason, it’s considered normal and Read More

That’s Cheating!

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'That's cheating!’  ‘That’s cheating!’.  I looked up to see a man shouting over to me.  He continued: ‘When your puppy came back to you then, you gave it a treat.  That’s just bribing: they should do things because they want to please you.’  He walked off saying: ‘A pat on the head should be enough’. Well, Read More