Why is This Pet Supply Store Owner Eating the Inventory?


How far would you go to prove a point?

Dorothy Hunter is the owner of a pet supply store in Washington, and she wants the world to know just how delicious the pet food is that she carries in her shop. So she's spending the next 30 days eating nothing but dog and cat food to prove it.

The idea started when Hunter was hungry and didn't have a snack to eat. She reached for a bag of dog treats and realized that the ingredients were more wholesome than many human snack foods. Her store sells holistic, natural foods, and Hunter believes that many pets are eating better than their owners.

While nutrition experts certainly do not condone a human diet consisting of dog and cat food (there is always a risk of contracting a food-borne illness when consuming pet food, among other concerns), there are some lessons to be learned from Hunter's experiment. It is incredibly important to check the labels on the food we purchase for ourselves, as well as the food we buy for our pets. A high-quality diet is a key to health, wellness, and longevity.

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