What To Do If Your Pup Goes Missing

After moving into a new home, a family noticed that one of their dogs had somehow slipped out and was missing. Worse, this dog was disabled after suffering a spinal stroke as a puppy. Frantic, they began to search the heavily wooded areas behind their house. After several hours with no result, an internet search located a search and rescue company that specialized in finding lost pets. Two hours later, success! What can you do now to ensure finding your pet should they go missing?

  1. Be prepared. Have a folder stashed on your computer or in a desk drawer with useful information about your pet.
  2. Create a contacts list in your phone of all shelters in your immediate area.
  3. Have clear current photos of your pup at the ready.
  4. Be sure your pup's chip and tags information is current. Consider adding that you can be texted on the tag.
  5. Use your cellphone number as the contact on your posters so that you are not tied to a landline.
  6. Sadly, there are scammers who may claim to have your pet and will ask for a fee in order to return them. Be aware. Ask questions.

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