Victoria Gets Hands-On in Massive GA Puppy Mill Bust

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Victoria helps get a puppy to freedom.

Victoria was among the first to arrive at the scene of a massive puppy mill bust in Cumming, Georgia on Tuesday, July 15th. She worked alongside the Cherokee County Marshal's Office, renowned veterinarian Dr. Michael Good, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and other volunteers to liberate over 500 dogs and puppies from a lifetime of suffering and neglect.

Puppy mills are essentially factory farms for dogs. The sole motive behind a puppy mill is profit, and no consideration is taken for the care, socialization, or general well-being of any of the animals. If you purchase a puppy from a pet store, flea market, or the Internet, you're likely supporting this dark industry.

These dogs belonged to a breeder who is in the midst of court proceedings against her for her ownership and management of this facility.

From the street, you would never know what was hidden just a minute's drive down a tree-lined dirt road. The property was lined with cages upon cages filled with dogs and puppies, some only a few days old.

Many of the dogs had never left their cages and had experienced minimal human contact. The bottoms of the cages were made of grates, which can be extremely painful on a dog's paws.

This tiny puppy was one of the survivors of the puppy mill.

This tiny puppy was one of the survivors of the puppy mill.

"When I picked up some of the older dogs especially, you could immediately feel their bodies tense up," Victoria said at the scene. "They were paralyzed with fear, and were among the most severely shut down dogs I have ever seen. It was heartbreaking."

After a tedious process of identifying and transporting each dog, all the animals were removed from the property and are now safely in the custody of the Cherokee County Animal Shelter, where they will remain until appropriate homes can be found. In the meantime, they will have access to some of the basic care they spent much of their lives without: proper nutrition, veterinary care, socialization, and love.

Victoria sees a light at the end of the tunnel for the dogs that were rescued.

"The older dogs from this puppy mill have a long road ahead of them in terms of socialization and learning to trust people for the first time, but I have no doubt that they will make great strides with the incredible shelter staff members and volunteers working with them."

Read Part 2 of the story. 

Read more about the horror of puppy mills.

Read the Atlanta news article about this puppy mill bust.

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6 thoughts on “Victoria Gets Hands-On in Massive GA Puppy Mill Bust

  1. Liberal in CA

    Thank you Victoria... ALWAYS opt to adopt! I don't care if your f-ing dog is a pure breed or has papers or is a from a champion line... my baby girl is a rescue and is pure LOVE!

  2. kathy

    Anyway to set up a donation site online for people who want to donate money, to help with vet and food cost?

  3. Valerie Michaud

    It's one of the best outcomes from one of the worst situations that I have heard of. With these temperatures, storms, and all of the parasites, etc. it must of been a horror. I'm going to read the newspaper article. Thank you Victoria and all of the members of the rescue team for the work that you do.

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