Service Dog Walks Graduation Stage in Memory of Owner

Photo: DogTime

Photo: DogTime

The memory of Joshua Kelly was alive and well as his service dog took the stage.

Joshua was a student at Idaho State University, and was studying for a Bachelor of Sciences degree. Despite suffering from epilepsy, he was determined to complete his degree and was set to graduate this month. By his side through a grueling two mile walk to the campus bus every morning, hours upon hours of classes, and through countless seizures was his service dog, a pit bull named Cletus.

Joshua's parents say that Cletus saved their son's life time and time again, alerting people to his whereabouts when he would suffer a seizure. They say he defies all the stereotypes of the pit bull breed, and he is an incredibly sweet and loving dog.

Sadly, Joshua was admitted to intensive care just two classes short of graduating, and he passed away on February 13th.

As a testament to the countless hours of dedication and hard work that Joshua put into earning his degree, the university granted him his degree posthumously. There to accept the diploma alongside Joshua's father was none other than his constant and faithful companion, Cletus.

The lovable pit bull will have a permanent home with Joshua's parents, and the university will be naming both a kitchen and an undergraduate study room after Joshua and Cletus.

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