Scoop Your Poop–Or Get DNA Tested!

A condo manager demonstrates how to obtain a DNA sample. (Photo: Elise Amendola/AP)

A condo manager demonstrates how to obtain a DNA sample. (Photo: Elise Amendola/AP)

A Massachusetts apartment complex is taking extreme measures to keep dog poop from ruining the community's common areas. Condo manager Barbara Kansky has instituted a DNA monitoring system to track down owners who don't pick up after their dog.

The complex started by registering the DNA of all the dogs in the community by collecting a sample from cells in their cheek. They can then use that sample to test against waste that is left out in the complex.

Dog owning residents paid a one-time fee to have their dog registered into the DNA program, and offending residents have to pay a $150 total fee.

The results of the DNA testing program were felt immediately within the complex. Grass that was formerly riddled with dog poop is now spotless, and residents no longer have to watch their every step. While to some this may seem like an incredibly tedious program to solve the issue of unwanted dog poop, residents of the complex are relieved at its visible results.

I have been fighting the war on dog poop in my own neighborhood for years. Dog poop is not only a nuisance, but it's also a health hazard to both dogs and humans. There are all kinds of debilitating and potentially fatal diseases that can be spread through contact with dog feces. Not to mention--you're breaking the law when you don't pick up after your dog!

Would you like to see a similar DNA testing program in your area? Leave your comment below.



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  • PBroughton

    I think this is a good idea as the owner of 2 dogs, the only trouble is people come from all around to walk there dogs in my local parkand they pick up poop,but in the evening when it's dark not everyone carries a torch to see what their dogs have done.

  • patricia surratt

    I wish they could do this at our city parks!

  • Frank

    Simply put A Resounding YES

  • jacqui molden

    I thank this is a wonderfull idea. i have 3 dogs and always clean up after them. but some of my neighbors don't, so when the rest of the neighous see dog poo they point the finger at me as I'm the one with doys that they see. I have been saying for sometime now, that we should all have our dogs DNA the reply is always the same! cost to much? another problem we have in our area is Cat poo been mistaken for dog poo! they do it along the walls of the alleys but when it's pointed out to them that it's cat poo you're laugh that "you would say that, blame anything or anyone but your own dogs"

  • Jules

    I'm going to suggest my apartment complex do this! FANTASTIC idea!

  • Rachel

    I think this is a great idea.

    I wish the apartment complex I lived in would do this. We have a designated potty area, you don't have to pick up after your dog if you use this area. If you walk your dog in other areas you are supposed to clean up after them. The problem is that a lot of owners are using the area that you are supposed to clean up afterwards, but not cleaning it up.

    I own two Alaskan Malamutes and when they potty in this area I clean up after them. It is just being a responsible dog owner. I don't want them walking in another dogs mess, then tracking in it the house, or licking their paws and ingesting something.

    I live in a city that is not really dog friendly, and it disgusts me that people are so lazy.

  • Carrie Shinn

    It’s a great idea. I have 2 dogs and used to walk with them. I used to carry Auggie dog popper scooper so that I can dispose it after them doing their business. But some of my apartment mates won’t do so. If any waste is found, they suspect that it’s my dog. I’m going to suggest this DNA idea to my apartment mates so that I can escape from this curse.

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