President Obama Speaks Out Against BSL

PitBullPhotoThe President himself has condemned BSL in an official White House response titled "Breed-Specific Legislation is a Bad Idea." Despite mountains of data and research which shows that BSL is ineffective and does not have a positive impact on public safety, there are still fierce proponents of such legislation.

The White House has adopted the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's stance on BSL, which states that a community-based approach is more effective than breed bans.

Those of us who know and love pit bulls know that any dog, regardless of breed, is dangerous in the wrong hands. I'm hopeful that the President's stance will help educate the public about the dangers of BSL. As important as it is to put an end to BSL, what's perhaps even more important is to protect our families and our dogs by educating ourselves about dog behavior and warning signs that a dog is about to bite, and teaching our children how to stay safe around our four-legged friends.

My hat's off to you, President Obama, for speaking up for those that cannot speak for themselves.

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10 thoughts on “President Obama Speaks Out Against BSL

  1. Justin Forte

    Obama comes out against dog breed specific legislation but he had no problem with supporting and signing species specific legislation. The species that all dog breeds are descended from, wolves are being wiped out because of Obama! This is just another fake political stunt that Obama should get an Oscar for! Obama is nothing but a hypocrite! In fact, when it comes to animal welfare policies, Barack Obama is The Other Sarah Palin!

  2. Liz

    Either way this is a great step forward to , hopefully, putting an end to BSL.

    Any president in the past or in the future can't keep every citizen happy. Get in touch with your congressman for them to put the pressure on for the bills you want passed.

    I say thank you for all the dogs that get a bad rap because when these laws go into affect.

  3. susan

    Wolves are a whole different issue. I am not completely knowledgeable about the wolves but do know Canada "tampered" with wolves creating a terrible strain and they are crossing the border and killing animals not just for food,but out of viciousness and there is something in them that is negatively affecting our water and streams that is from the wolves. They are not natural and have become a terrible plight.

  4. john

    GObama! Justin, I'm pretty sure wolves were being wiped out prior to the birth of Barrack Obama. I love all the people who only point out the bad parts. Let me do the same and take a guess about you: gun owner? white? conservative? Klansmen? Any efforts towards ending BSL should be heralded not chided. Now go out and do something positive with your life! The internet is dragging you down apparently...

  5. catherinekane

    So, Justin, It's all Obama's fault, eh? When I check the facts, I find that the wolves were removed from the Endangered Species list by Bush/ Cheney and Obama's part has mainly been not putting them back on the list again.

    I'm not sure what it takes to be on that list, and I'm not sure that you do either. those would be good facts to check.

    I do know though that to take a good act that helps dogs that are being discriminated against, often at the point of being euthanized and turn that point into a diatribe on your own cause is not an act of compassion or effective political action. I love wolves too, but I also love pits

  6. Michael

    @Justin Forte: Are you kidding me? What about how proud Sarah Palin is of shooting endangered wolves from helicopters in Alaska?

    1) Do you honestly believe that Obama is the sole person in charge of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service? You know that Daniel M. Ashe (the Director of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the one who actually made the press release about the proposal to remove gray wolves from the endangered species list) and Barack Obama are not the same person, right?

    2) What could he possibly gain from that? What possible, nefarious plot involving that could he possibly benefit from? I see no possible motive.

    3) Barack Obama has historically been very consistent on his stance regarding animal welfare, speaking out similarly against poaching and animal trafficking, as well as establishing an advisory council to develop more effective strategies for mitigating those things. See the Animal Welfare Act, the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, and amendments to the Humane Care for Animals Act.

    In the end, I think it's really about time Americans take their political party blinders off and start looking at peoples' actual actions - and how they fit into the bigger picture. He's not a monarch, you know, and there are many people fighting everything he does and says, simply because it's him saying and doing it.

  7. Jennifer Acuna

    Awesome job Mr President thank you. I have had a Rottweiler and a Pit bull they were great dogs .

  8. Alyssa Valdez

    I don't normally post on these, but the above comment annoys me to the point of saying something. First of all, it is easy to say "dogs descended from wolves" but the fact of the matter is there is little information confirming this assumption completely. (This isn't the real issue, but I thought I'd throw it in there.) Second of all, the protections for gray wolves were lifted only after the fish and wildlife department agreed that they were no longer an endangered species. This now means that if a wolf comes onto someone's property and kills their livestock they are able to take action. Other wolf breeds retain their protections. Don't try to bad mouth people if you don't know your facts.

  9. Jodene

    I'm sorry, Justin. How is it that Obama is so against wolves? I'm sure someone that cares about animals as much as our president would like to know. Why can't you just be happy for the dogs that won't die because of what they look like? We have been dealing with this issue for a long time and he's finally doing something.

    And btw...George W while in office, allowed wolves to be shot out of helicopters.

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