Paralyzed Pit Bull Brings Hope to Rehab Patients

elsa-strollerA formerly paralyzed pit bull is spreading a message of hope to patients as they go through their own rehabilitation process.

Elsa was sick and emaciated when the British Columbia SPCA rescued her and 26 other dogs from an abusive situation. She was adopted by Kelly and Nik Dann when she was 5 months old, and a few months later suffered a spinal cord blockage that left her paralyzed.

It took almost a year and half, but Elsa was able to re-learn how to walk through intensive rehabilitation, although she still uses her "dog buggy" to get around from time to time.

Elsa is now a certified pet visitation dog, and she visits patients at the GF Strong Rehabilitation Center. Here, she spends time with people who are going through a similar rehabilitation process. She brings a message of joy, hope, and the power of perseverance as she lights up the hospital with her infectious smile.

Pit bulls receive a lot of negative press, but this story goes to show just how wonderful this breed can be.

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