Man Saves His Blind Dog From Drowning


McGarry and Stevie after being pulled out of the river.

Kevin McGarry didn't think twice when his dog, Stevie, fell into the River Liffey in Ireland.

The blind dog was sniffing near the edge of the riverbank when he suddenly fell in. He knew his tiny dog would not last long trying to stay above water, so he immediately jumped in after him. He tried to call out to the dog but couldn't hear or see him at first.

McGarry finally reached Stevie just as he was starting to sink. It was difficult for him to try to get Stevie to safety while also getting out of the river himself. He passed the dog along to a bystander and with the help of two other men, he was able to get himself to safety as well.

Stevie is an incredibly special dog, who McGarry adopted along with his brother, Oscar. Oscar acts as a guide for Stevie, wearing a bell around his neck so that Stevie is able to follow the sound.

Thankfully, both dog and owner escaped this harrowing ordeal unharmed. McGarry says that Stevie got some TLC at home and that he is recovering just fine.

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