It’s Time To Get Serious About Puppy Mills

It's time we start talking seriously about puppy mills.

A Voice for Lil Olive is a new documentary currently in production which aims to shine a light on the lives of puppy mill dogs through the story of Lil Olive, a survivor of this often cruel practice.

The film’s mission is to make people aware of puppy mills and to educate them about rescued pets through the telling of Lil Olive’s tale.

Licensed facilities fall under the federal Animal Welfare Act, but even the conditions there are often considered inhumane and cruel.

  • There is no age limit for breeding dogs, which means that as long as they can produce puppies, they can be bred.
  • Dogs never have to be let out of the cage. The mill owner just simply has to show they have an exercise plan.
  • The cage only has to be 6 inches larger than the dog on all sides, can have wire floors and be stacked on top of other cages.
  • If there are no violations by a puppy mill owner, then it can be years before a location will be inspected again, allowing them to do whatever they please.
  • There are no conditions in the Act that relate to the emotional well being of the dogs.

We can't keep allowing dogs to live like this.  

To learn more about how you can help please click here.


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