How Strong is Your Bond with Your Dog?

The researchers at Dognition are helping us learn more and more about how dogs think and perceive the world. Dognition launched globally in early February and has been examining patterns and trends in the extensive data they have been receiving. One of the most interesting patterns they've discovered is a possible connection between the size of a dog and how close the owner-dog bond is.

One section of the dog games you'll get to play with your Dognition toolkit is called "Empathy." This section tests how long dogs hold eye contact with their owner. The researchers at Dognition found that dogs weighing over 70lb held eye contact for 30% longer than small dogs under 20lb.


Dr. Brian Hare, Dognition's Chief Scientific Officer, says that the discrepancy doesn't necessarily mean that small dogs aren't bonded to their owners--there are many possible explanations. It could be that because of the difference in height, it's simply easier for a large dog to maintain eye contact than it is for a small dog. It could mean that small dogs are more independent than larger dogs. Independent dogs may be better at problem-solving and keeping themselves entertained, so there's certainly nothing bad about having a more independent dog.

This fascinating finding is just a snippet of the loads of information being discovered on a daily basis by Dognition. They're asking all kinds of questions, such as whether toy breeds are more self-reliant than working breeds, or whether small dogs are more likely to yawn during the Empathy yawning game. And since more dogs join the data pool every day, there are loads of exciting discoveries to come.

Find out more about dog personality, and learn how your dog sees the world with Dognition.

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