Have Researchers Found a Cure for Parvovirus?

"Jack" Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Kronenberg

"Jack" Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Kronenberg

Researchers may have accidentally stumbled upon a cure for parvovirus, a deadly disease that is highly fatal to puppies and immunosuppressed dogs. A company in North Dakota was trying to cure flocks of dying geese at Schiltz Goose Farm in South Dakota, the largest goose producer in North America. The geese turned out to be infected with West Nile virus, but the researchers discovered something else in the process of solving that mystery.

They discovered antibodies in the geese they could purify and successfully put back into other birds. The goose antibodies also have promising links for other diseases, but they are starting with parvovirus first due to money and time constraints.

The antibodies are harvested from the yolks of goose eggs, and the company developing the treatment hopes to start selling it for $75 a dose by next spring. The treatment typically starts to work within two days. Compared to an average of $500 to $2,000 for conventional parvo treatment that takes around 6 days to work and has a much lower success rate, this looks to be a promising move forward for the veterinary field.


The researchers will soon be turning to human diseases to see if their treatment will be as effective. But for now, there are many puppies all over the world whose lives could be saved.

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