Happy New Year!

This year we resolve to:

Make time to appreciate what our dog brings to our lives. Let's face it. Our dogs are with us for a relatively short time. It is easy to make walking every day chores a mindless activity to be endured rather than enjoyed. We take out our phone, we hurry them up, we forget the incredible dogness that is right in front of our nose. We resolve to remember, if only for a moment, to observe and appreciate the joy our dogs bring us simply by being alive. 

Take more naps.  Napping with a dog is one of the best ways to reset and relax. How decadent does it feel to stop everything, curl  into a warm soft place, and fall into a sweet slumber. Dogs are much better at this than we are. This year, we resolve to take more naps.

Try a new sport Where there are people and dogs, there is certain to be some organized sport. Best of all is when you can offer your dog an activity he was bred for. This year, we resolve to find one activity we can both enjoy.

Learn more about dogs! We resolve to attend more conferences, read more books, and stay abreast of new discoveries about this species that has somehow worked their way into our homes and onto our sofas. We can't even imagine a world without dogs. Dogs teach us how to be joyful in the moment, how rest can heal, and how important doing what you love is. What would our lives be without them? In a word: less.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras


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